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My name is Joanna Gniady and that's my about.
I guess you'd like to know something about me before we create something awesome together.
Don't we?

Who am I?
I'm a left-handed illustrator living in Wroclaw (Poland), doing what I enjoy and enjoying what I do.

So what do I do?
I think and draw, draw and think, and over and over and over. Over.

Who do I draw for?
Most of the time for international and Polish magazines, publishing houses, cultural organizations, advertising agencies and music bands. Actually, I step in all activities that are worth a d**n.

What keeps my work running?
Polka dots, flamboyant moustaches, French art, prosecco and palm trees.

What makes me thrill lately?
My trip to Japan in May (yay)!

Well, that's what it's all about.


I'm represented in France by Creasenso

in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Zwei Agenten

and in Scandinavia by Harvest Agency.

I'm also a member of the Association of Graphic Designers (STGU) - an organization that brings together the best graphic designers in Poland.



World Illustration Awards / Shortlist 2017

3x3 International Illustration Awards / Merit Winner 2015



  • Lasso i tusz / solo / Galeria TDK / Tarnobrzeg, Poland / 2018

  • Elektryzujmy / solo / Galeria Zamostek / Opole, Poland / 2018

  • Wstawa Multimedialna STGU / group / Galeria "Na strychu" / Szczecin, Poland / 2018

  • Cross the b/order. Ilustracja bez granic / group / Gdynia Design Days / Gdynia, Poland / 2018

  • 26. Wystawa Wroclawskiej Grafiki Uzytkowej / group / Wroclaw, Poland / 2018

  • Oko Cyklonu / solo / Idea Place / Wroclaw, Poland / 2017

  • Noworoczne Postanowienia / group / BWA Dizajn / Wroclaw, Poland / 2018

  • Cross the b/order. Ilustracja bez granic / group / BWA Zielona Gora / Zielona Gora, Poland / 2017

  • Placki na papierze / group / Firlej / Wroclaw, Poland / 2017

  • Across Europe with best fashion illustration / group / Złote Tarasy / Warsaw, Poland / 2017

  • 25. Wystawa Wroclawskiej Grafiki Uzytkowej / group / Wroclaw, Poland / 2016


  • Opéra National de Paris
  • IKEA
  • The Guardian
  • Les Inrocks
  • Variety Magazine
  • Der Spiegel
  • Leo Burnett Canada
  • Landor Associates Paris
  • ARTE
  • Alliance Française
  • ELLE Italia
  • ELLE France
  • L'Officiel Italia
  • Psychologies France
  • Psychologies Netherlands
  • Psychologies Russia
  • Glamour
  • Télérama
  • Marie France
  • Santé
  • Popshot Magazine
  • SHOP Magazine
  • XXI Magazine
  • Brigitte Magazin
  • Laviva Magazin
  • Wysokie Obcasy
  • Wysokie Obcasy Extra
  • Twoj Styl
  • Zwierciadło
  • Charaktery
  • Element Talks
  • Éditions Eyrolles
  • Ediciones Era
  • Payot et Rivages
  • Arpa Editores
  • Kein & Aber Verlag
  • Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne
  • Wydawnictwo Wytwornia
  • Wydawnictwo Ossolineum
  • Wydzial Kultury Urzedu Miasta we Wroclawiu
  • Škoda
  • Banque Privée 1818
  • Grohe
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Mademoiselle Karen
  • HURT
  • Czeslaw Spiewa


Place where I work, meet friends, sleep on the desk, and work even more.


Everything starts on a blank sheet. Sketching helps me think and my hands like to get dirty. But the ideas I show my clients are usually advanced and colourful. I'm not a work-in-progress-type-of-person.


This park is located five minutes from my studio. And it's one of the most magical places in Wroclaw. This is where my merry inspiration goes around.


Like in every self-respecting studio, we have a pet. It's not a dog, it's not a seal. It's a panther. I'll tell you the secret. It creates 90% of my illustrations. But please, don't let the cat out of the bag.


Photos by Natalia & Ernest Dec /