She-chameleon, icon, rock rebel and a big inspiration - Kora.

I was really honoured to create her portrait for Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls written by Sylwia Chutnik and published by Debit.

Here is an English version of Kreon, one of my favourite Polish songs:

Bisou bisou, Jo

What kind of home has foundation that shake 
Where brothers cut throats 
With knives of hate 
There's always a part for you, kreon 
And for the hero Antygon 

Nothing has changed 
For thousend of years 
The same old desires 
The same old greed 
Lose everything 
People turn from your throne 
You'll face the end 
Forever alone... 

You'd better watch out 
Kreon, Kreon 
I'll never give you 
A peaceful moment 
If I want, I'll be a rat 
And find you in the darkest corner 
If I want, I'll be a cockroach 
Crawl in your ear 
And poison your last hope 
I could be your shadow 
On a long hot day 
Be your lover in the middle of the night 

You say I'm defenceless 
You must be joking 
I'm a rough diamond 
You are only shining me 

You'd better watch out... 

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