Today, I had the privilege of laying eyes on Picasso's personal collection of nail clippings and hair trimmings. Yes, you read that right. The artist was so freaked out by the thought of someone using his clippings to put a hex on him that he entrusted them to his daughter Maya and her mother Marie-Thérèse.

I was looking at the small boxes full of cut nails, the envelopes filled with locks of hair and that moment was kind of a mysterium tremendum et fascinans. The one and only Picasso in his trivial human condition. One of us, mere mortals.

If you are in Paris, make sure to visit the very interesting exhibition Maya Ruiz-Picasso, the Daughter of Pablo at Musée Picasso (till 31 December 2022).

Bisou bisou, Jo

Photos: Joanna Gniady

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