Today I'd like to share with you a bit from a very beautiful and inspiring book - The Creative Act by Rick Rubin:

Our thoughts, feelings, processes, and unconscious beliefs have an energy that is hidden in the work. This unseen, unmeasurable force gives each piece its magnetism. A completed project is only made up of our intention and our experiments around it. Remove intention and all that's left is the ornamental shell. (...)

Not all projects take time, but they do take a lifetime. In calligraphy, the work is created in one movement of the brush. All the intention is in that single concentrated movement. The line is a reflection of the energy transfer from the artist's being, including the entire history of their experiences, thoughts and apprehensions, into the hand. The creative energy exists in the journey to the making, not in the act of constructing.

Bisou bisou, Jo 🖤

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