There is no summer without watching a sublime short film Du côté de la côte (1958) by Agnès Varda.

This cinematic gem is an indispensable part of my June ritual, and despite knowing it almost by heart, it never fails to mesmerize me with its hidden treasures - new details, stunning color and pattern combinations, and witty observations that unveil themselves with every viewing.

It makes me smile, it makes me dream, it gives so much inspiration.

Here are three illustrations I created une canicule nocturne to celebrate its beauty.

Ah, and this quote.

The carnival burns. The earth shakes. The sun goes mad. The water takes its shape. The carnival is dead, silence is golden. Silence as an answer to so many questions, to volcanoes, to swirls. Eden exists. It is a dawn. Eden exists, it is an island. Heaven was a beach, and a pine cone. But the nostalgia of Eden is a garden. (...)

These are fake Eves, fake Adams, fake Cupids, misleading Venuses, fake caves and fake nymphs. Reveries are shared, but not the garden. The fake Eden is not for us, neither is Eden.

And worse, the summer season comes to an end.

Bisou bisou, Jo 🖤

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